About Us

Colours of Rajasthan is set up by a team of Travel Trade professionals, whose decades of experience and dedication, commitment to provide the in-coming tourist and the discerning clientele, a smooth and value for money services in all spheres.

Our attitude:

We care for you. Our motto is to treat clients as ambassadors of our goodwill and we do not hesitate to give.

With our expansive operating network spread through India, Nepal, we have earned the hallmark from our satisfied tourists "Professional to travel with". Our only drawback is endeavoring to monitor a voyage with detailed precision, punctuality, convenience, comfort and smooth–as silk services. This magic red carpet has been unrolled time and oft for a galaxy of visitors, tourists, corporate clients and dignitaries, most of whom are addicted to our services time after time, year after year. May we mention, we take pride in this drawback of ours.

Ahmed Anja Buterowe
Managing Director, India Managing Director, Holland

Yes, certainly, Why us? What makes us so outstandingly different from other
Tour Operators? What do we market? What is our product? Why should you buy from us"

That is a million dollar question. We understand that you need a more assuring answer to help you decide!! RELAX. We have thought through it, you do not need to ponder any longer.

Why we discourage Shoe – String Travel?

We Give, You Achieve:

" Colours of Rajasthan has been awaiting your visit since 5000 years, to embrace and cradle you in its lap. A Land of diversity, bewilderment, awe inspiring, of colour and contrast, of superlative riches and rags, old civilization blend with modern sophistication, centuries old pilgrimage sites, with modern high rise concrete, age - old traditions co-exist with the jet-age of modernity, a land of hundred languages and dialects. World's largest secular democracy with ultimate religious tolerance.

Mystic Sages, gurgling snow fed rivers, alpine Himalayan Mountains to rugged Aravali hill range, a land of extreme natural beauty, rich bio-diversity, architectural wonders, world heritage sites. India can astonish, enchant, enrich and mystify. First visit is a curiosity, second familiarization and the third a satisfaction. Repeat and repeated visits, that is what India is all about.

You need professional expertise to unravel this mystery and that is what WE GIVE for you to achieve. A value for money holiday. Don't hesitate, Why Wait? Why immerse in travelogues? Click for your choice of holiday and relax. India Calling will do the rest for you. We know we are the best.

If you have any queries, any question, anything at all, just get in touch. We would love to hear from you. Just fill the enquiry from or email your requirements

Reasons to choose Colours of Rajasthan . Why We are so specific

1. Group size

we don't mass produce. A small, intimate group provides travelers with the most rewarding experience as you relax and enjoy INDIA. Limiting the number in important. If you are looking for authentic cultural experiences and pleasant surprises.

2. Your companions

We use our sixth sense. Our specialty is to combine an eclectic blend of people where each member contributes a unique perspective and insight. There are no embargos. First they become our friends, then they become yours. A close extended family.

3. Flexibility

You wish to extend your trip, need twin beds instead of the usual double bed, need a room overlooking the Taj Mahal in Agra, want to putt the greens, go horse riding, want to watch a show of Indian classical dance, have a specialty meal, go angling in the Himalayas. Dream all you can, relax, we'll do the rest.

4. Stopovers

We have compiled a bunch of side trips, just post or pre-fix to your main itinerary. There you are, it is all so simple.

5. Variety and destination

You want to go star gazing in the desert? Wish you could sketch the mountain? Want to have your palms read by a holy man? Go on a water trek down the river Ganges? Don't hesitate. A short email. Indian Calling is ready on its spurs.

6. Tour escorts:

You wish to know where Mother Theresa is buried. You want to visit a quaint tea house and chat with the locals. That perfect spot from where to photograph the tiger. We have an esemble of escort who will match your needs. They will impart their in-depth knowledge and make your holiday a memorable one.

7. Safety

Rest assured, we have the best safety network and are on call 24 hours. Our pre-departure information has it all. Health, first aid, climate, food, water, some do's and donts. We help you prepare before you depart from home.

8. Service

We love traveling, so we know your requirements. We'll help you chose your ideal excursions, chalk your various connections, we monitor and ensure quality service to make your trip run smoothly.

9. Equipments

We have the infrastructure and the right gears. High altitude tents and sleeping bags, ponies and porters to carry your bags and food ration. We use top quality equipments that exceed the standards of reliability and comfort.

10. Food

While you are trekking in the mountains, go rafting on the rivers, our cooks ensure you get quality, freshly cooked, hot meals along with bottled mineral water. If you have any specific diet restrictions, do let us know

11. Accommodation

We give value for money. From elegant resorts, historic palace hotels, smart modern hotels with swimming pool, your choice is endless. Ambience, locations, country-inns, you name it, we will provide.

12. Host

Our staff are your host. You will be wisked off from the airport on your arrival by our representative. Pick his brains, he speaks your language.
He is your introduction to INDIA.

13. Eco – Concerns

We are concerned and dedicated to preserve the land and honoring the locals sentiments and religion. While on an outdoor expedition, we support the local economy by buying freshly gown products from villages, pack the left over and carry back to base camp. Only traces we leave behind are smiling faces and warm memories.

14. Experience.

Very essential and vital. We are a team of dedicated travel enthusiastic. We leave no leaf unturned. India calling evolved from many years of experience and with the best brains in the industry, who are veterans in the field of travel and tourism.


Product Spectrum : What you can choose from?

The magic of India – from the moment you land in India, the graceful NAMASTE that greets you, a gesture of both welcome and reverence, you are set to discover the most rewarding experiences of your life. Experience this warm exotic country of infinite variety and share the different facets of the most fascinating country in the world.

A) The Regions of India

Delhi & North India, Rajasthan, multifaceted Saurastra, Kashmir and the Himalayan Trail, Hill station of India, Kerala and the deep South, Glorious of Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh and the heart of India, Beaches of India.

B) The Culture of India

Glorious Temples and tributes from centuries past, a world of places from bygone age, music and dance, art and culture, festivals in India, architecture and archeological treasures, ayurvedic and yoga rejuvenation, religions of India.


Game sanctuaries and tiger trail, bird sanctuaries, trekking in India, river rafting on Ganges and Indus, camel and horse safari, angling and fishing, scuba driving in Indian waters.

Why ?

Cost Fact or which we emphasize upon

We want to give India with –in your budget, yet our concern is your hygiene, comfort, safety and connectivity. We are constantly negotiating special rates with hoteliers and ground transport suppliers to give you an affordable holiday. Our holiday packages are categorized as A- Deluxe, B – First Class, C – Meidum.

Yet we have taken all precautions to offer the discerning traveler quality, comfort and hygiene. All our prices are based on individual travelers, if you are traveling in a group of 10 and above, we will offer special deals, do email your requirement at info@coloursofrajasthan.com, ahmed@coloursofrajasthan.com

  • Exclusive and tailor made itineraries for individuals, groups, institutions.
  • Hotel bookings, we offer competitive special rates for all major hotel chain / one single location / heritage property resorts.
  • Round the clock airport transfers with representative services
  • Ground transportation – cars, limousines, coaches, local sightseeing tours with livered chauffeur
  • Incentive and special interest tours
  • Local guides, English and foreign language speaking, tour escorts
  • Domestic and International air ticketing, Air pass, luxury train travel
  • Adventure holidays, Trekking, River rafting, wild life and Ornithological tour, Hot air ballooning, Paragliding, mountain and water skiing, Snorkeling
  • Corporate conferences, seminars, event management
  • Yoga and rejuvenation healthcare

A journey into mysticism through the land of the unexpected.

Bounded by the majestic Himalayan ranges in the north and edged by an endless stretch of golden beaches, India is a vivid kaleidoscope of landscapes, magnificent historical sites and royal cities, misty mountain retreats, colorful people, rich cultures and festivities. Modern India is home alike to the tribal with his anachronistic lifestyle and to the sophisticated urban jet-setter. It is a land where temple elephants exist amicably with the microchip. Its ancient monuments are the backdrop for the world's largest democracy.

The timeless mystery and beauty of India can be experienced only by visiting this ancient Land. There's just one thing you'll need to travel through 5000 years of culture and tradition- A comfortable pair of shoes

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