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Ayurveda or the 'science longevity' is the system of nature cure. It is known to promote positive health, natural beauty and long life. Although rooted in antiquity, Ayurveda is based on universal principles and is a living, growing body of knowledge - as useful today as it was in earlier centuries.

It is said that Ayurveda is as old as the world itself. Its very basis is the spiritual knowledge of the ancient seers of India and the cosmic consciousness in which they lived. Into its ancient well of profound healing wisdom, some of the greatest doctors and sages over time have poured their finest insights and discoveries, transforming it into one of the oldest systems with a consistent theoretical basis and practical clinical applications.

Its strength lies in its broad, all encompassing view of all dynamic inter-relationship between organic philological processes, external factors including climate, life works and diet along with internal psychological and spiritual condition. Very much like various other systems of cure based on naturopathy, Ayurveda believes that disease occurs not as an arbitrary phenomenon but for definite reasons which if correctly understood could help to cure and, more importantly, prevents recurrence of the disease. Ideally human being and nature should be in perfect harmony. Disease occurs when the equilibrium between these two disrupted. Restoration of this fundamental balance, through the use of nature and its products, is main goal of this medical system. "The object of Ayurveda", said Susruta the famous physician some 2600 years ago, "is the restoration to health of those who are afflicted with diseases and preservation of sound health of those who are well". Ayurveda In India

Evidently Ayurveda believes in the treatment of not just the affected part, but also the individual as a whole. The stress is on prevention of bodily ailments and not just curing them. There are no distressing side effects and it has, today, become and internationally acclaimed form of healing, rejuvenation and healthy living.

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